Professionals from boutiques, as well as shopkeepers should plan your visit and make the most of what FIT 0/16 has prepared for you !!!


FIT Fashion Collection

FIT -/16, exclusively curated by Bazaar Kids, will promote fashion shows for the next Spring-Summer season. The parades will take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May, from 3.30 pm to 5.0 pm.

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f+p Store Model

An unprecedented attraction this year, the Loja Conceito f+p Solutions will present the most diverse solutions specialized in clothing and footwear retail. Come and discover the new ways of managing sales and delivery with the help of technology.


Mini Casa FIT 0/16

The Mini Casa FIT 0/16 will be a showcase of environments and spaces created for children of all ages. Inspired by the original house (located in Bairro Perdizes, in the city of São Paulo) so that visitors can enjoy an immersive experience in a super stylish showroom, with lots of design and trends.


Trend Forum

Lojista, nesse espaço exclusivo, você terá inúmeras palestras com profissionais que abordarão temas como consumo digital, dicas de varejo, treinamento de pessoal, perfil de clientes e visual merchandising.

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Also visit PUERI Expo – the only exclusive childcare fair in Brazil, which takes place simultaneously with FIT 0/16.